Ever created your own product before, promoted it to your list, and even sent a bit of traffic, but were left wondering…

WHY Do My Sales Dry Up?…

i’ve Done Everything I Need To Do, But The sales aren’t Coming In!…”

It’s Time You Learned The #1 Secret That’s Stopping You From earning Money Month After month After Month…

Blogging… affiliate marketing… adsense… CPA…. PPC… freelancing… they all are viable ways of generating money online. But which one works best?… Which one works with the least amount of effort and which one guarantees you an income in the long term?…

With most online ventures, you sell a product once, and you make your money once. You’ll clinch a sale and that’s it. The customer gets his product, you get your money, and both of you go your separate ways. If you want to make more, you must sell more either by acquiring new customers or chasing your older customers.

“So What’s The Secret?”

How about having a marketing method that makes your customer return over and over again without fail? We’re talking about membership sites here.

The membership site is the secret weapon of top brass marketers because of the recurring profits it manages to generate, and you’re not talking 5-6 times, but month after month after month of income streaming into your pockets till it dribbles out overflowing!

Before you jump up and rush to grab the nearest membership site script I’ll have to let you in on a little niggling problem – Membership sites require a lot of work and can go terribly wrong if you do not follow some very simple steps.

Yes you will need to do market research to find a good niche
Yes you will need set up the site with some degree of programming knowledge
Yes you will need to charge the right price to keep the members happy
Yes you will need to ad new content to it every month (depending on type)!
Yes you will need to promote it to get members

Okay so maybe you’re not so enthusiastic to jump at the opportunity to start the site now are you?

Relax. Thousands of seasoned marketers have created lucrative, cash churning membership sites that pull in tons of cash over and over with a glitch. How they did it is what you’re about to discover.

You see, I was like yourself once, stuck and frustrated wondering how to even get started in creating a membership site. But after months of research, trial and error, everything suddenly clicked and I begin to create recurring income month after month – easy as pie!

So today, it’s time for you to start profiting from the A-Z guide I created from 4 months worth of trials, errors and hardship!

Introducing…“Drip Feed Cash”

The Secrets To Building A Secure And Regular Income Online!

Now this guide was written with you, the novice in mind, so simply follow the advice and tactics in this guide religiously to create monster membership sites that suck in amazing amounts of cash into your bank accounts!

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll discover in this amazing guide:

Selecting membership topics that flood your sites with massive profits like you’ve never seen!

Online sites that help you dig up hidden, profitable niches like hidden diveasure chests

The different types of membership platforms and how to effectively utilize each different platform to create sites that earn you massive, recurring income!

Types of products you can offer to members of your membership sites to retain them and keep their wallets constantly open!

Membership elements you cannot afford to neglect if you want a successful site.

Choosing membership software fitted with built in features you should take advantage of to make setting up your sites easier and faster

How you can easily create a membership site out of wordpress with a few basic resources that will save you heaps of time!

Important factors you need to consider in setting the price

And much, much more!

Having your own membership site or multiple membership sites is like having your own private ATM machine at home.

Picture waking up and seeing how many new members joined your site while you were asleep! Members that you know will be putting money into your bank account for months or even years to come! This is what “Drip Feed Cash” is all about…

KNOWING that cash is coming
your way
every month!

One of the biggest problems when it comes to making it online is security. How can you plan ahead or tell your boss to shove it when you don’t know what you will be making next month and wondering, “How many ebooks do I need to sell to make the rent?”

With “Drip Feed Cash” you will be able to plan ahead. You will be able to see how many members you have and work out how much money you will have in your account next month.

Let’s work some numbers here:

Let’s say you set up a simple ‘business-in-a-box’ membership where you offer read-made mini-sites with digital products that your members can sell. You source a package of 12 PLR ready-made websites for $197 and then you break up the content so that you’re deliving 1 new product every month. You charge membership access for only $10 per month for 12 month’s access and you promote your site.

Just 1 new member to your site has the potential to bring in $120. 2 members and you’ve already covered the cost of acquiring the products.

Or look at it this way. You promote your site and bring in 20 new members. You’ve already banked $200 that first month. Let’s say you continue to promote your site and bring in another 20 new sign ups. Next month you’ve banked another $200 plus $200 from new people entering your membership. You’ve already earned $600 in your first 2 months with a cheap $10/m membership!

These numbers are VERY realistic and delivering $10 worth of value every month is not difficult. In fact I’m sure you can tip the boat and over-deliver with a $10 asking price – so much so, that 20 new members every month is VERY feasible. That’s about 1 new member every other day.

Are you serious enough to push your membership site so that you’re getting 1 new sign up every 2 days? Is it worth $4200 after 6 months?… Is it worth $15600 after 12 months?… Is it worth the potential $2400 per month income?…

As long as you can source, outsource or even create the content yourself to keep your members happy (which we’ll show you how) then you’ll be able to bring in a consistent and reliable source of income from just one membership!

You’ll finally be able to sleep better at night and devote your time to something worthwhile!

Even if you don’t fancy this niche business, you can apply it in any almost ANY niche you’re in or are an expert in!

Here’s 7 Membership Ideas To
Help Get You Started!

Membership Idea #1
Provide A Niche of the Week

Every marketer has his or own strengths. And everyone has their own part of the product creation and marketing process that they like to focus on.

Think about this – if you’re strength is in finding and researching niches, then you can bet you’ll find people willing to pay you to do this.

It’s a time saver for them. And if you’re good at it, then it’s also very profitable for your members.

Here’s the sort of information you might provide for each niche report:

Full market research. An analysis of whether there’s a hungry niche and what they’re buying.

Competition research. Let your members know what sort of products are already selling on the market, what seems popular, etc.

Product analysis. Here you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the most popular products on the market. Doing so helps your members create better products.

Keyword research. If you use Wordtracker, then provide KEI values so people know which words to attempt to rank for.

Affiliate programs report. This report lets your members know what types of products they can promote in the niche as affiliates, what commission rates they’ll earn and so on.

AdSense rates. Here you give people an idea of how much people are paying per click for their AdWords ads, which helps people get an estimate of how much they’ll get for clicks on their AdSense sites.

Instead of offering all of this for one price, you may even consider offering a multi-tier membership site (e.g., bronze, gold and platinum memberships).

Platinum members get all the reports for each niche every month, while gold members get fewer reports, and the bronze members get perhaps one report.

Membership Idea #2
Seduction Secrets for Men

Here’s a hot niche topic that have made ebook sellers rich – “pick up” or seduction secrets for men who’d like to get more dates. Your membership site may include:

Health and hygiene tips.

• Fashion tips to look good.

Boosting self confidence.

• How to catch a woman’s eye.

How to flirt.

• How to get phone numbers.

Where to take her on a first date.

And so on.

If you need more ideas, just visit the numerous seduction sites online to see what sort of information they’re offering. Also, use Wordtracker to do some keyword research – it may surprise you when you discover what types of information men are seeking.

Membership Idea #3
Fat Loss Secrets For…

As you likely already know, weight loss continues to be a hot market. But if you want a piece of this market, you should find a niche to serve. Here are a few ideas just to get you thinking:

Future brides who need to lose weight before the wedding.

• People who need to be in shape before joining the military.

People who need to lose weight or their employers will have them pay more in health insurance.

• New moms who want to lose the baby weight.

Middle-age people trying to prevent weight gain as they age.

• College students trying to lose the “freshman 15” (the 15 pounds they put on through poor eating habits since leaving home).

Those are just a few ideas – there are plenty of weight-loss niches out there.

As for content, it’s the same type of content you’d see in any weight loss product, including: Diet secrets, information about exercise, motivation and supplements.

Membership Idea #4
Daily/Weekly Motivation

Here’s a neat little membership site you can put together, upload into an autoresponder, and then forget about (save for marketing to get new members). That’s because it’s fairly easy to create an “evergreen” motivation site that could go on for years using the content you create today.

Now, the best idea is to choose a niche and delivery daily or weekly motivational messages and articles to them. Here are just a few niche ideas to get you thinking:

Motivational messages for people wanting to lose weight.

• Motivation for members of a specific religion (in this case, it might not be motivational messages so much as meditations).

Motivation for people with cancer.

• Motivation for people starting a business.

Motivation for people going through a divorce.

• Motivation for athletes.

As you can see, there are plenty of people needing motivation. Just carve out your niche and start delivering daily or weekly messages to boost and inspire them!

Membership Idea #5
Law of Attraction Secrets

Not everyone believes in the “Law of Attraction,” but those who do form a somewhat rabid market. That is, they’re always looking for new information on attracting what they want into their life.

As with most of these membership ideas, you can focus on a particular niche for best results.

Example: You can focus on people who want to attract love into their life, or those who want to attract peace or, perhaps those who want to attract wealth and success.

Regardless of the niche, here are lessons and other ideas to get you started:

Explanation of what the law of attraction is.

• How it works even if the person isn’t consciously using it.

How to put emotion behind one’s intentions and desires.

• How to attract anything, effortlessly.

Daily meditations and visualizations (also, reminders that members should in fact be doing this daily).

• How to use attraction tools like dream boards and gratitude journals.

While you can offer this course through an autoresponder or regular membership site, you may consider offering a support forum (this is true not just of this membership idea, but of several we’ve discussed). This allows members to share their results and motivate one another.

Membership Idea #6
Car Maintenance and Repair

Have you or someone you know ever wished you could save a few bucks by learning how to change your own car oil? If so, you’re not alone.

Plenty of people are interested in learning how to go basic maintenance and repair so that they can take care of their cars better, save money, and just get that good feeling that comes with being independent.

You can service these people by creating a car maintenance and repair membership site, which may include topics like:

How to check fluid levels and fill as needed.

• What type of oil and fluids to buy.

What to avoid (things that are bad for the car).

• How to change the oil.

How to change belts.

• How to change filters.

How to change a tire.

• And other car-care tips to increase the life span of the car.

If you’re dealing with fairly basic tasks, you may be able to offer your advice in a fairly general way. Otherwise, you can offer a niche site such as “Car-Care for Chevy Owners.” Or you can get more specific and open a site for a particular model (e.g., Car-Care for Corvette Owners).

Membership Idea #7
How To Save Money

I just mentioned a moment ago that any time you can help people make or save money, you’ll generally have plenty of customers. That’s why I thought we should with a membership idea that helps people save money.

Here again there are plenty of niches to choose from. And as usual, the content and lessons you deliver will largely be decided by the niche you’re servicing. Here are a few niche ideas you can use:

How to save money on home heating bills (e.g., how to winterize the house).

• How to save electricity.

How to save gas.

• How to save money on the monthly grocery bill.

How to save money when you use your credit card.

• How to invest your money wisely in a 401k or IRA.

How to save money by investing in the right stocks.

• Tips to creating a budget and saving money every month.

How to save money by repurposing and reusing products.

• How to save money on your regular bills (e.g., switching cell phone carriers, scaling back on your cable package, etc).

How to save money by looking for deals (e.g., where to get good deals on vacations, where to get freebies and trial offers, etc).

You can also further target your “save money” site by choosing a particular niche, such as:

Senior citizens.

• College students.

Newly divorced people.

• Unemployed people.

Single mothers (or other one-income families).

So as an example, you may create the “Senior Citizen’s Guide to Saving on Home Heating Bills” or the “Single Mother’s Guide to Saving for Retirement” or “The Retirees Guide to traveling the World on a Shoestring Budget.”

Take Your Pick! There’s 100s Of Possibilities With Your Own Drip Feed Membership Site!

Even if you picked just ONE idea from above and seriously applied it to your business you’ll have a new and ready-to-promote membership that will bring you a RECURRING income for life! You don’t have spend your entire life working on it either, it can just be a fixed term membership with a 3 month, 6 month, 12 month term or longer!

Either way, you’ve developing a trailing system that will continue to bring in solid cash flow than a one-time payment!

“So Why Do Must Businesses Fail?”

Lack of cash flow is the #1 reason why most businesses fail but with “Drip Feed Cash” you can minimise the chances of this happening!

Of course, you can profit in multiple ways with membership sites. Selling membership access and charging a monthly fee is one way, but just think how much your site is worth to other marketers that are willing to invest in your site?!

Membership Sites Are Also A Golden Asset
you can sell For Extra Income!

There is a FORTUNE to be made in selling websites these days, with sites changing hands regularly for hundreds of thousands of Dollars online.

Membership sites are among some of the most highly sought after sites for one simple reason.

A potential buyer can look at your potential revenue based on solid membership numbers.
This makes a membership site a very attractive sales proposition.

Imagine being able to list your site on one of the largest website auction platforms and being able to sell it for a healthy profit after only a few months of work!

LESS work and MORE money!

Sounds good doesn’t it? But this is the reality of owning a successful membership site!
And for one simple reason……

It’s a lot harder to get a new customer than It is to keep an existing one!

Think about it. When you are out there selling a product or ebook you are continually fighting for new business and trying to prove yourself to your new prospects.

With a membership site you are building a relationship with your customers, which is a LOT easier and more profidiv.

They can then become the market for your new products as well as paying you a steady monthly income. You can also get your members on board as affiliates and get them selling more memberships for you! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel except there’s no water in the barrel-Just Fish!

Membership sites are simple and definitely NOT out of your reach when you have the right info!

…And without the right info and step-by-step process things are going to get tricky!

That’s why I want to show you…..

What’s inside “Drip Feed Cash” that makes Membership sites so easy to set up?

With “Drip Feed Cash” you will have access to a complete guide to setting up your own profit membership sites.

All the bases are covered here as we start out with all the necessary marketing research you will need to do to make your site successful. This is the foundation of everything and we make sure you get things right at this point.

We take you by the hand and explain in an easy to follow guide everything you will need to consider when choosing the type of membership site that you want. This is where a lot of people get confused but we walk you through all the options available from free to paid options, as well as how you want to deliver your content.

Membership software is the other area that people get bogged down in when they are trying to set up their sites but we have got you covered here too.

We run you through the different options available to you and give you the “low down” on each one. This will save you a ton of time and effort in trying to figure out which one is best.

Once you are up and running you will need to know how to price yourself competitively so you can maximise your sign ups and even steal members from your competitors.

This is a crucial part of the process and we provide you will everything that you will need to know to be to maximise your profits!

What makes “Drip feed cash” unique?

How can Drip Feed Cash help me as opposed to other “similar” products? This is a fair question to ask-after all, the market is jammed full of different Gurus all promising you work for home riches and “autopilot income” everyday.

With “Drip Feed Cash”…

We show you exactly what you need to do before you can set up a profit membership site. Miss this bit and your dead in the water

We show you why scalability is the key to success when it comes to membership sites.

You will discover the one element in your buyers mindset that you must get right to succeed in this business

What you must do to keep your members on board – so important but frequently overlooked

How to get other people to sell memberships for you – so that you can spend more time developing new membership sites and BUILDING your business!

The secret of using a physical product to beat the competition in the market without sacrificing your profit margins!

How to make sure your site is profit not just be providing the raw content, but by also following some simple steps to ensure your members are happy to stay!

Call it divying to score brownie points with you, call it karma, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you know I want to under-promise and over-deliver which is way better than a whole load of bull hype.

I’m also so confident that this product will revolutionize your online business that I’m throwing in the:

You don’t have to waste money and time

trying to look for overpriced membership scripts or pay people insane amounts to set up everything from ground zero.

This guide is your manual to every single bit of knowledge you’ll need in setting up a successful membership sites that will be your golden goose and bring in the dough every single month.

Even if you managed to set up 1 measly membership site with only 20 members paying an uldiva low price $10 per month – That’s $200 per month – Every month PLUS potential to add new paying members month after month! And we’re talking tiny numbers here! You can easily multiply your efforts to write your own pay check!

The difference between successful marketers and those who continue to struggle is in having the RIGHT SYSTEM and ACTION… so join the ranks of the elite marketers and get your first membership set up TODAY and ready to promote tomorrow!

“So how much is this going to set me back?”

When you consider the real power behind membership sites you’ll won’t want to stop!

Membership sites will ALWAYS bring in more revenue than a single-selling product and you’ll be securing yourself a regular online income.

Are there other guides on setting up membership sites successfully out there in the market?
Sure there are, I’ve even purchased a few to study them…and come away disappointed. For the amount of $97 charged, I personally the information and content provided was sloppy, incomplete and out rated!

I was outraged…there are people out there who are desperate, broke and hungry and you charge silly amounts of cash for your own greed! Well, I’m deliberately not going to do that.

In fact this guide is yours for the meager price of only… $27 $17.

Yes! You read that right! $17 for a complete guide to creating your own successful membership site that you can continue to promote without worrying about your cash flow!

That’s $17 to have a fully written manual that explains the whole system for you

That’s $17 to have the confidence to set up your own membership site, even if you’ve NEVER created one before

That’s $17 to save yourself the embarrassment of setting up a slopping membership that make people leave immediately

That’s $17 to save yourself the heartache and time of testing and refining to see what sort of membership site really works

That’s $17 to keep your cash-flowing rather than going stale and withering away!

That’s $17 to get personal insights and my experience in creating membership sites!

That’s $17 so you can safe sleep at night knowing that you’re getting a stable source of income!


So really, what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of Drip Feed Cash NOW and finally start bringing in that safe and consistent income online that you’ve worked so hard for!

Just imaging if EVERY sale you’ve ever made online was access to a membership?… How much MORE would you be earning this very day? How much have you missed out on already?…

Drip Feed Cash brings you that one step closer to financial freedom and stops you having to chase every customer and new prospect for another sale. Simply use the techniques laid out in the Drip Feed Cash system and you’ll be able to sleep better at night!

So go ahead, start making the REAL money online with your own membership sites! It’s easier than you think, and doesn’t require you to be a complete computer geek! DripFeedCash brings you that one step closer financial freedom without all the hassles.