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Now granted…my daughter is no chimp. She’s a bright kid. And yes, that’s an old photo of us at top. I really need to take a new family portrait but I can’t get my wife OR kid near a camera anymore.

Point is…this is a kid with no Internet experience other than going to MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. She is no Internet marketer

It’s about time somebody said to hell with the BS and put together something for the honest Joe who doesn’t have a pot to spit in and just wants to make some quick cash without all the hassles.    

Well…that somebody is me. I’ve finally said enough and wracked my brains to put together a simple system that will take you literally minutes each day.
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Perhaps you’ve heard of Hot Trends. Maybe not. Many who have still have no idea how to really harness the power of Hot Trends. Quite honestly  it took me a while to figure it all out myself. Many of the Hot Trends made no sense to me. I couldn’t understand how it was even possible to make anything from them. And then I discovered just what to look for.

When I did…It was like the skies opened up and spit hundred dollar bills at me.

Once I understood how Hot Trends worked and what to look for…it was simply a matter of spending 30 minutes a day to put my system into operation.

But I was still confronted with a HUGE problem.

How was I going to stick my knowledge into the head of somebody else? I knew what to do…but how could I explain it?

I then realized that there was only one way.

And with that…I came up with a simple step by step solution that even a mollusk could follow.

That’s right. You could be as dumb as a chimp on a trampoline and still follow these no way to mess up instructions.

What I’ve done is really very simple. I’ve walked through the entire Hot Trends process and documented every step.

I’ve put together not one but 10 videos on this process. And if that wasn’t enough…I also put together a 44 page report with even more detail.

Yes…you CAN do this. But you know what? Talk is cheap. So…I am going to back up those words with an unheard of 1 Year Guarantee.

That’s right. Even though I am telling you that you can make money on the very first day…I am giving 1 full year to try this system. If at any time during that year you’re not satisfied…

I’ll give you a full refund.

Like I said…I designed this system for people who don’t have a pot to spit in. So I’m not going to soak you out of your last 25 cents for milk money.




I have no idea how long I am going to make this offer available. I don’t want too many people knowing the power of Hot Trends. So I may pull this off the market at any day. Don’t hesitate…Jump on this TODAY!

To Your Success,

P.S – Remember…you get the 10 videos PLUS the 44 page report for just $27.00 ONLY if you act TODAY! I can’t promise that this offer will be available tomorrow.