Stop SLAVING away at the PC day and night trying to get one task done!..

Super-Charge Your Productivity, Start Delegating, Become More Decisive, Take Massive Action & Control Of Your Business!”

You are the boss. You are in control of what needs to be done. Employ other people and tell them what to do and watch your profits soar!

Most people who enter business online are usually on a tight budget. Agree?

While the benefits of starting a ‘virtual’ type of business is almost unlimited and its profit potential can be enormous – as you can see from how much the Internet Marketing gurus are making every day, year in and year out – the problem is that most people are often doing this business…


Here’s the thing: driving traffic to your website is a necessary daily operation. It’s something you have to do every day if you want to grow your business. And if you know anything about smart business delegation, then surely you know that anything that can be done every day is now worth outsourcing to someone else to do it, right?

Maybe you’ve not thought of it before.

Or maybe you did… but your tight budget doesn’t allow room for outsourcing. Perhaps outsourcing is risky and yes it can be… if you don’t know anything about it!

See this diagram below and compare it with how you’re working now..

Are you still tinkering around with some HTML code? Are you still ‘testing’ a traffic generation technique and unsure as to whether or not it will pay off? Are you still struggling to make your first eCover for your product, only to realize that it’s not good enough and doesn’t do it any justice? Then my friend it’s possible you could be wasting your time!

You may have to stand back from what you’re doing, re-think your strategy and shift gears because if you’re still hacking away and getting nowhere, your destination to online fortune will still be a long long way.

What Happen’s If You Go Solo?

The more you attempt to save and do things yourself, the more of your own energy and time your using. Likewise, the more you invest or outsource, the less time and energy of your own you need.

The more you attempt to do things for yourself and entirely by yourself, the more days will pass you by along with you feeling drained and burnt out. You won’t be turning a profit yet because you’re too busy working.

What Happen’s If You Team Up?

When you get others to work for you, your time becomes more productive, you get more done and your energy levels will be high. The only time spent will be the time managing and checking on other’s work. You still won’t be turning a profit yet, in fact you’re already in the minus, but you’re already in a better position for launch i.e. promoting your product.

If you’re still going solo, the launching phase of your product will come much later and when that time does come around, you’re already frustrated and tired and most likely would want to take a long break before hacking away at it again…

What Is Your Time Really Worth?

If you make $10 an hour, then a job that can be outsourced for $5 an hour is worth your time. Therefore it is worth going ahead. Alternatively if the outsourced work is worth $20 an hour but requires a specialized skill, then you have to consider the time required if you were to attempt it yourself. Even then, will it be up to the standard that you want it to be? Why try something that you can only get a B grade at best on when someone else can do it for you at A+ grade in less time?

This is why smart people in the online and offline world outsource!

They make use of the talents, strengths and skills of others and recognize their own weaknesses. They gel the work of many into one. This is working smart. This is what ‘Pay A Professional’ is all about!


Module 1: An Introduction To Outsourcing

In this first installment of videos we’re going to go into detail about outsourcing and doing freelance work.

For Owners Of Growing Businesses:

  • How to get the best deal – Learn how to outsource your day-to-day business operations and product creation chores to freelancers cheap! Owners of rapidly expanding businesses usually fall prey to having the lack of time.
  • How to avoid getting scammed – baby steps to making negotiations that are in your favor when dealing with anonymous freelancers for the first time.
  • How to spot honest and hardworking people, take care of legal issues, and detect for ‘red flags’.
  • And how to free your time, slash your stress by half, and double your profits in less than one week!

You’ll be learning from someone who has years of experience in this area as a freelancer and buyer, has lost 100’s of hours of time and $1000’s from scammers. You will be taught what to avoid and what to look out for!

For Freelancers Who Are Looking To Get More Clients:

  • How to capture the hungry clients – Can write? Can do programming? Got a flair for graphic and web designing? Learn how to get clients who are already looking for you using the Internet.
  • Learn how to negotiate and get clients to pay at the price you ask for.
  • How to build an impressive portfolio and attract potential clients to you instead of your competitors… like bees to honey!

Module 2: Outsourcing Your Traffic Generation

In the second installment of this course, we’ll look at how to outsource your Traffic generation.

Generating targeted Traffic to your websites is a must, but who says you have to do it all by yourself?

In these video series, you will unearth the jealously guarded secrets that most Internet Marketing top guns are fighting to keep it just that: a secret.

  • How to leverage your Traffic generation efforts on other people’s effort, other people’s website and take advantage of the Web 2.0 phenomenon to…
  • Boost your website Traffic into OVERDRIVE mode!
  • Explode your sales volumes by leaps and bounds!
  • Grow your business exponentially!
  • And do it all with less effort!

And That’s Not All!..

We’ve just included a full and concise guide to outsourcing covering the problems and pitfalls you can avoid!

Just Added! Module 3 – Receive The
Complete Guide In PDF Format!



tickWhat is Outsourcing?

tickAdvantages of Outsourcing

tickHow to Hire

tickQuestions to Ask

tickPricing and How to Negotiate

tickHow to Find a Provider

tickSoftware Outsourcing

tickOutsourcing and Ghostwriters

tickOther Projects

tickDifferent Projects Require Different Procedures

and much more..


“Which One Would You Prefer?”

Would you want to do everything by yourself and rely on 100% of your efforts to mobilize your business… or leverage on 1% of over 100 people’s efforts to engineer profits and success?

The choice is clear.

Smart Webmasters Get Targeted Traffic To Their Websites.. Smarter People Get OTHER People To Draw Traffic To Their Sites!

How much is it worth to you if you can afford to un-shoulder the burden of paying the upkeeps to your business starting today, and let someone else do all the traffic generation work for you?

There are ways you can achieve this even on a shoe string budget, free your time and double your income and traffic count triple as much.

For many reasons, I could be letting all these go for the investment price of $297. But I want to make this easily available to you and that it’s within your means, so heads up…


To Your Success,

P.S. Leveraging off the work of others is the ONLY way to grow your business without growing a headache! It will be one of the most profitable milestones of your time online and you’ll never look back.

P.P.S. You alone can only do so much. I’m willing to wager my car and house that the richest people on earth did not get to where they are now by doing everything by themselves. They all shared the same trait – to leverage off the work of others.
How long do you think you can go it alone before you tire yourself out, lose self-esteem or call it quits?

P.P.P.S. Even if you’re still unsure of what to outsource now you can still invest in these videos, and refer to them later to avoid an expensive irreversible mistake. Grab your copy now whilst it’s still fresh in your mind!