learn how you can create your own twitter-like micro-blogging network. this is all done using free resources.

you already know how popular micro blogging is. you probably have a twitter account. but there is a better way! create your own Public Or private micro-blogging network.



Dear Reader,

You know the power of social networking already. You probably have both a Facebook account and a Twitter account, and probably several more.

The reason you opened these accounts in the first place was because you wanted to take advantage of the huge power of social networking, whether it was for business or personal reasons.

The business reasons are quite obvious. Lots of people coming to your blog equals lots of chances to market to them.

But let’s not forget the personal reasons…..
You want to keep in touch with friends, family and other people that are important to you.  Do you see an untapped niche here?

Think about “Niche Micro Blogs”.
Like Twitter for a single niche.
Think about the possibilities here.

So if you have a scrap booking hobby for instance you could set up a micro-blog for this. It could be public or private depending on your needs.

Let your imagination run wild.The possibilities are endless!

Here are just a few reasons that you should start creating micro-blogs:

  • You have untapped markets
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • No cost (other than domain name and hosting)
  • Huge profit potential

And lots more.

Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Learn

  • How to install the needed scripts
  • How to customize the header and background
  • How to use the built in customization
  • How to make your micro-blog private

... and lots more!

In this video series I will show you all you need to know to set up your own micro-blogging platform

Don’t wait – grab your copy now!


To Your Success,

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