Warning: Spam is more than just annoying – it’s dangerous. It’s a main distributor of viruses that can destroy your computer.

The massive onslaught of offensive, unethical, dangerous and criminal emails is not going to stop, unless you stop them.

You get spam every day trying to hijack your bank account information, sell you drugs, enlarge your breasts, increase the size of your penis, make you rich and an entire host of dangerous email. Many people have fallen for it and this costs us all money – more on this in a bit.

If you want to stop the daily chore of sorting through scams and filth to find emails from friends, family, and coworkers…

…you are not alone. There is a way to stop greedy spammers from finding their way to your inbox. With a bit of education and some real solutions to the problem, you can stop spam dead in its tracks.

You’ll find everything you need to know about stopping spam in the newest ebook, “Spam Stopper”

If you’re sick and tired of sorting through unwanted email, Spam Stopper will show you how to get rid of it. And since spam is a major carrier and distributor of viruses you’ll eliminate the risk of contracting one.

When viruses and Spam team up, they can be devastating. Viruses are smart. They can actually find email address on your computer and send themselves to your friends, family and colleagues and infect their computers too!

And it works both ways. One of your friends or family could have their computer infected and send you a virus. Do you know how to protect yourself from Virus and Spam attacks?


Spam Stopper Will Show You How To Go On The Offensive In The Battle Against Spam!”

Spam is a waste of time, but learning to control it doesn’t take long at all. All you need to do is implement a few techniques…

…and then enjoy a cleaner, safer inbox for life.

All of the information you need to understand Spam, to recognize harmful emails before you interact with them, and to stop receiving unwanted email in your inbox is in Spam Stopper. You can download it to your computer right now.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Understand what Spam is and what Spam isn’t.
  • Learn how your email address is often collected by spammers – often with your consent.
  • Realize that clicking a link that promises you will be taken off of their mailing list is really just a waste of time… and may do more harm then good.
  • Discover the best method currently available for stopping Spam dead in its tracks.
  • Why innocent “Chain Letters” are often tools used by Spammers to get you and your friend’s email addresses.
  • Learn a simple trick that can help you misdirect Spammers.
  • Find out which files on your computer that you should get rid of regularly.
  • How using the word “at” in certain instances can save you from getting on Spammers’ email lists.
  • Understand why contests are often the hidden culprit responsible for stealing your email address for Spammers – and what you can do to stop this.
  • Discover one low-cost method that will keep your inbox practically Spam free as long as you use it.
  • Learn how viruses, trojans, and worms team up with Spam to cause chaos for you and your computer.
  • Understand that email is not free. Spammers take advantage of it and are costing businesses loads of cash… that you pay for!
  • Learn to recognize “Plea emails” that are after your wallet.
  • 5 common occurrences that open your email address to Spam. These will surprise you.
  • Learn what Spiders are and how Spammers use them to capture your email address.
  • Learn what Email-Harvesters are and how they can obtain your email address without your knowledge.
  • Find out why you should be careful of public forums… and how Spammers may be looking for you there.
  • Discover the danger of Spammers teaming up with Hackers to steal your Login information.
  • Realize how the software you buy may contribute to unwanted email in your inbox.
  • Understand the devastating domino effect of responding to Spam
  • Find out why paying to send emails have been considered a solution to Spam – but will ultimately fail.
  • What to look for when entering your email address that will greatly reduce your chance of receiving junk mail.
  • Why a National No-Spam list just isn’t plausible.
  • Realize that Email Filters can be just as much of a hassle as the Spam itself if you pick the wrong one.
  • Why your personal website is likely a major factor in the amount of Spam you receive.
  • Understand the 4 reasons why complaining to a Spammer’s Internet Service Provider is mostly a waste of time.
  • Discover the dirty little secret that those “in the know” have about free-trial software’s relation to Spam.
  • Find out how Microsoft and Yahoo! are fighting Spam – and how you can take advantage of their efforts.
  • Find out the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself when trying to fight Spam. Learn now before you do it!
  • Learn why using encrypted passwords might be your best bet – and how to do it.
  • Find out how to wash incoming mail. When done right can virtually end your problems with Spam.
  • Understand why Spammers do what they do and how to crush their hopes and dreams of endless cash.
  • 4 tricks that Spammers use to get you to open their emails.
  • Discover how to spot fake charitable Spam emails trying to take advantage of your generosity.
  • 4 types of emails promising to make you money… that are really sent to make Spammers money. Learn to spot and delete them before you become a victim.
  • 11 powerful web sites to visit if you plan to fight Spam in your inbox.
  • And there’s MUCH more – guaranteed!

It’s a lot of information but in today’s world everyone should how to keep their computers safe against spam and viruses.

You can.

Spammers won’t stop sending unsolicited commercial email ever… But you can stop it from reaching your inbox.

Right now, if you’re receiving 10 Spam emails a day – you’re considered lucky by many who’ve had their email addresses floating around in Spammers’ lists for years.

Receiving over 100 Spam emails a day is not unheard of. If you’re using a free email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo, the chances of going over your email storage limit, is very high!

If you’re not there yet, just give it time. Or put a stop to it now.

“Did You Know that Spammers Often Find Your Email Address Because Of Something you’ve Done?”

The first thing my guide will teach you is how to stop putting your email address in front of Spammers’ noses. Most people make it too easy for them without realizing it.

Spam Stopper will save you countless hours of frustration, and possibly a deadly computer virus. If you contract a Virus you might have to wait weeks for your computer to be fixed and pay hundreds of dollars to rid yourself of it. On top of that you could lose precious files and pictures.

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