“Don’t join the majority of your marketing peers who only reap minimum profit!

“How to Make More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible Through Properly Planned Follow Up Techniques!”



Dear Online Marketer,

You’ve created your product, and put a lot of energy into promotion – now it’s time to tackle the follow up. Yet this is the part that 80% of all online entrepreneurs don’t apply to their full advantage.

Too bad, because…

…68% of all sales happen during the follow up process!

There are all sorts of reasons why people don’t buy, the moment
you release a product.

There are even more reasons why they don’t buy even when you do remember to send a follow up email.


Too Many Marketers Fall Flat!

Understanding these reasons, and proactively planning how to solve their problems using focused follow up tactics has the potential to easily more than double your profits.


Why Do So Many Otherwise Dedicated Marketers Put in Only a Token Follow Up Effort?

… or (I kid you not) no follow up effort at all?

A lot of it has to do with gaps in knowledge, things taken for granted, unbalanced focus and a host of other “errors” that happen, when you haven’t been in business for 20 years.

But seeing as how you don’t want to take 20 years to build up your reputation (nor do you need to, given the nature of online marketing) there are some steps you can take right now to vault yourself past the follow up hurdle.

(And past the majority of your peers!)

You need to quickly learn about:

  • 7 misconceptions about follow up – and why people cling to these beliefs
  • The missing ingredient most marketers miss – and why these 3 small tricks will help you always provide it
  • The 7 hallmarks of a strong follow up plan – and 3 crucial effects this creates
  • The single most helpful thing you can do when deciding how to follow up with your customer
  • The phenomenon of follow up inexperience – and the 5 sales-sinking mistakes that can scuttle your best efforts
  • 7 areas you have to address to help keep your customers moving smoothly through your process
  • Removing the bumps and glitches – the easy way to do it
  • Challenging your own preconceptions – by looking at customer habits
  • 5 hidden traps that can stop you dead in your tracks, when it comes to delivering what you promised
  • The single most effective tactic for producing tangible, consistent results
  • 2 powerful reasons follow up recipients will thank you, instead of thinking your follow up contact a pain
  • 7 proven ways to win friends and customers for life – all by the way you plan your follow ups

You see learning how to make the maximum profit possible from your marketing campaigns isn’t brain surgery.

It starts with making a plan, setting up your sales funnel… then creating effective follow ups.

And following up is where…

I’ve written a Special Report to help you lay this boogeyman to rest, once and for all. You’ll find it packed with information to help you understand:

  • What follow up is all about
  • Where the leaks and pitfalls lie
  • How to create an effective follow up plan

And much more (which I’ll get back to in a moment…)

You can download and put to use my “The Money’s in the Follow Up: Your Follow Up Cash Plan” right now for 30 whole days.

And if you don’t agree that it’s a powerful resource that can make you more money, help you build your reputation and delight your fans and subscribers from the word go… simply ask for my no-hassle, no-risk, money back guaranteed refund!

“The Money’s in the Follow Up: Your Follow Up Cash Plan” Comes With My No-Risk, 100%, Unconditional Money Back, 30-Day Guarantee!”

So put it straight to work and stop missing opportunities to:

  • Multiply your list
  • Create enthusiastic fans, followers – and customers
  • Make the most profit possible from your online campaigns

But I promised there was “more”… and here it is. (It really does cover a lot of ground – in a clear and focused way.) You will also get to learn about:

  • Overcoming your fear of selling – the simple tiny but powerful key that will turn this around!
  • 5 ways to give your fans access to you – without wasting time or destroying your sanity
  • Unexpected opportunities for effective follow up – and how to make the most of them
  • 10 focused follow up tips – you can put to use straight away!
  • 5 effective email strategies – follow these and your results will show it!
  • 10 biggest follow up mistakes (and you’ll see that there’s actually 12!)

I guarantee that you’ll find that, after reading my guide, creating successful follow up plan is one of the easiest adjustments you’ll make!

Yes! I really want to learn more about harnessing follow up power to increase my profits and popularity!

Please send me my copy of “The Money’s in the Follow Up: Your Follow Up Cash Plan” right now so I can put it to use right away!”
  • A handy worksheet that will help me understand not just my customer – but myself
  • Tip Lists I can quickly refer to, whenever I need a fast reminder
  • 10 biggest follow up mistakes (and how I can easily prevent them)
  • A simple follow up email schedule that I can pin on my board as a reference
  • Tips on offline methods of follow up too

But most of all, “The Money’s in the Follow Up: Your Follow Up Cash Plan” will save me from making embarrassing mistakes – and losing credibility rapidly! It will help me maximize every follow up opportunity – including ones I may not have thought about.

So let’s get started – let me go hit the download button right now…


To Your Success,

P.S. It really isn’t hard to start adapting these simple techniques and creating effective follow ups. Remember – it comes with my 30-day full money-back guarantee – so download it and get started today.